Research Objectives

Research in the Hanrath Energy Lab (HELios) focuses on understanding processing–structure–property relationships of nanostructured materials.  We strive to couple insights from fundamental studies to design and create novel materials that exhibit electronic and optical unprecedented in ordinary materials. Beyond the scientific quest for a deeper understanding of nanomaterial properties, our work is inspired by the broad  technological potential these materials have to enable advances in next-generation energy technologies.  Towards that goal, the research in our group is organized in four focus areas detailed below

  1. -nanocrystal quantum dot photovoltaics.
  2. -scalable nanofabrication of energy storage materials.
  3. -self-assembly and directed attachment towards metamaterials by design.
  4. -catalysis in binary nanocrystal superlattices.

These focus areas are integrated through a conceptual framework based on analogies between atomic crystals and nanocrystal assemblies as designer solids; this perspective was detailed in a recent review article.  Briefly, if we approximate the properties of individual nanocrystals as artificial atoms, we can describe the coupling between the nanocrystals as the artificial bond and understand the emerging properties of the nanocrystal assembly as an artificial solid.

For further information on current research projects, click on the links below.

Scalable Nanomanufacturing


Nanocrystal Quantum Dot Solar Cells


Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots into Superstructures


Nanocrystal Catalysis


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