We are a group of scientists and engineers exploring opportunities to apply unique properties of nanoscale materials for efficient solar energy conversion and storage. Our interdisciplinary approach encompasses nanomaterial synthesis, surface chemistry, optical and electronic characterization, computation and prototype device fabrication.


Principal Investigator

Tobias Hanrath


Olin Hall 350


Graduate Research Associates

Jen-Yu Huang
Additive manufacturing
using nanomaterials
Tyler A. Dunbar
Quantum dot membranes
Rileigh Casebolt
Optimization of electrocatalytic CO2 reduction
Jesus Miguel Lopez Baltazar
Programmable assembly of nanomaterials

Mokshin Suri
Quantum dot photobiocatalysis


Undergraduate Research Associates

Elyse Kauffman CBE
Jiyoon Kim MSE
Michelle Quien CBE
Deniz Erkan CBE
Jennifer Yi CBE
Kelsey Levine CBE


Former colleagues

Name Position in group/degree Last known position
Postdoctoral Research Associates/Visiting Scientist
Daniel M. Balazs 2018-2020 Post-doctoral Scientist, IST Austria
Juan Jesus Guzman 2018 Capro-X
Haitao Zhang* 2014 – 2016 Research Scientist, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Australia
Byoungnam Park 2010 – 2011 Post-doctoral fellow, University of Illinois
Byung Ryool Hyun* 2009 – 2012 Industry
Jacek Jasieniak 2009 – 2011 Research Scientist, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Australia
Graduate Research Associates
Jessica Akemi Cimada da Silva PhD, CBE, 2020 ASM
Kevin Kimura PhD, CBE, 2019 Lucid Motors
Eliad Peretz pending in absentia
Curtis Williamson PhD, CBE, 2019 Dupont
Doug Nevers PhD, CBE, 2018 Micron
Ben Richards PhD, MSE, 2018 Intel
Kevin Whitham PhD, MSE, 2016 Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab
Ben Treml PhD, MSE, 2016 NRC Postdoctoral fellow, Air Force Research Lab
Kaifu Bian PhD, CBE, 2015 Postdoctoral researcher, Sandia Natl. Lab
William Baumgardner PhD, CCB, 2013 Engineer, Intel
Joshua Choi PhD, AEP, 2012 Assistant professor, University of Virginia
Yee-Fun Lim PhD, AEP, 2011 Scientist, A*Star
M.S./M.Eng. Research Associates
Yingjie Gao M.S., CBE, 2020 on the market
Yuanze Xu M.S., CBE, 2020 on the market
Dung-Yi Wu M.S., MSE, 2018 Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins
Chang-Yun Wang M.Eng, CBE, 2018 Global Communications Semiconductors
Laura Montoya Ashton M.S., MAE, 2018 R&D Scientist, Sandia NAt Laboratories
Qiannan Wen M.S., AEP, 2017 Univ. of Michigan
Hugo Gonzalez M.S., CBE, 2017 Max Planck Gesellschaft
Victor Lambert M.S., CBE, 2016 Axium nanofibers
Christian Ocier* M.S., MSE, 2012 Univ. Illinios
Fred Twum-Acheampong M.Eng., CBE, 2012 Johnson Business School
Giacomo Bonfanti M.Eng., AEP, 2011 Industry
Matthew Oh M.Eng., CBE, 2011 Kraft
Stephen Codoluto M.S., CBE, 2009 Exxon Mobil
Ben Schweib M.Eng., AEP, 2008

* jointly advised with Prof. Frank Wise (AEP)